Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 11, 2010

Ready, or more probably, not…..

This morning we’re off to Austria. Tri-Cities to Atlanta, to Munich, then by train to Salzburg, then a bus to a small village called St. Martin bei Lofer. This time tomorrow, we should almost be there, hopefully without any drama similar to the time we wandered around Rome for two hours trying to find our lodging (with four large suitcases, a six year old, and a toddler in a backpack in tow), or the time we struggled up a Swiss mountainside with even more luggage (and more kids) and a different toddler’s screams ricocheting off the mountain walls.    We’ll see…..



  1. Have fun.

  2. I thought you had 2 hours in Atlanta.

    Rush has it figured out, that we are his meal ticket.

    You’re missing out on some lovely hot weather, 90 projected for Tuesday.

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