Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 11, 2010

Please be Mr. Siglin

Due to an extremely short layover (10 mins to go from the end of one concourse to the end of another, plus the need to wait for a pink-tagged computer bag) the rest of the family ran (yes, ran) ahead to board the international flight — just in case it was still allowing boarding 5 minutes prior to its published departure time.

When I got to the top of the E concourse escalator, I heard my name called: that’s a bad sign, since it means the airline’s moved beyond last call to “we will leave you, no matter what your status …”

I couldn’t run with the rolling computer bag, but I could walk faster than even the fast pace I was already moving at.

E36 sits at the very end of the terminal, and my shins were beat when I got there.

What’s your name?” the gate agent said. “Please be Mr. Siglin.”


Location:College Park,United States



  1. Maybe it runs in the blood – been there, done that myself!

  2. Wow!!!!
    So thankful you ALL made it…what a little time to make it……….

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