Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 14, 2010


Our internet connection here is a tiny spot on the front balcony that sometimes works and mostly doesn’t. I’m going to try with a picture and see if it will go. We’re alive and well; Tim’s brother David and his wife Rachel are here. They’ve been in Europe for a few weeks already. I wish we were a little more alert right now, but we did manage to mobilize this afternoon for a hike up the mountain behind the village. I’m afraid we’re all severely out of shape. Hoping that will change, because a world of chocolate (and pastries) await!

This morning David and Rachel, who were up before we were, discovered that the local dairy sells fresh milk from an automated dispenser. Bring your own container and voila! For about a dollar you get a pitcher full of delicious, creamy milk. I would love to have that option at home!


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