Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 16, 2010

Maria Kirchenthal

Monday afternoon we hiked up the mountain behind the village to another, very tiny village called Maria Kirchenthal. Most of these pictures are taken by Tim.

St. Martin bei Lofer down below.

Clearly we wore Margaret right out. Or maybe it was the altitude.

That’s over half the village right there.

Katherine took this one. Love it!

Beautiful pink church, beautiful pink lupine!

Tim thought this was funny. Three hundred plus year old house with a modern lawnmower sitting outside it.

Inside the church, which is still operative.

Pew carvings

Elizabeth and I outside the church.

Back inside. This is a charming, intricate creche scene. The entire nativity is set in an Austrian village, complete with a town drunk. The shepherds were wearing lederhosen. I wish I could take the whole thing home with me!

Beautiful window! I wonder what the historic commission would think if we painted our green shutters like this…..

John, Elizabeth and I were at the head of the trail on the way down. Here they are sharing a fleeting moment of sibling love.

The cows had been let out to pasture by the time we got close to the bottom. They ignored us completely.

Almost home!


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