Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 16, 2010


Tuesday John, Katherine and I went to Salzburg with David and Rachel, who were leaving for Munich on the train that afternoon.

Salzburg fortress

This impressive lion sits on top of the wall in the Mirabel Gardens. The scene where Maria teaches the children Do Re Me was partially shot here. I’m determined to get a picture of our kids skipping up the steps. Any guesses how much gelato I’m going to have to bribe them with to get that picture?

/Users/apsiglin/Pictures/Rebuilt Library/Originals/2010/Jun 15, 2010/DSC05673.JPG

Speaking of gelato, we found our “go to” shop for trips to Salzburg. Incredible ice cream for only about $1.50 a cone. I found out that “Rafaello” is actually toasted coconut. I don’t even like coconut and it was still one of the best cones I’ve ever had.

A blissed-out Katherine holding her cone (coffee) and mine.

Rachel, who’s a music teacher, had investigated and found out that we could attend a free concert at the Mozarterium. That’s the sort of thing I would never find myself (until, possibly, it was already over) and we enjoyed half an hour of beautiful organ music. Why does it sound better when you’re sitting in a concert hall like this? It was almost full, at noon, of people of all ages–including a number of mothers with young children in tow.

Of course we had to have an obligatory photo op next to Mozart.

I’ve discovered the world’s loveliest cemetery, outside St. Peter church. Since everyone has to die, I’d like to be buried here.

You may recognize these gates. One of these crypts is where the escape scene in The Sound of Music was filmed.

Not EVERYTHING at St. Peter cemetery was nice. I thought this was a bit over the top macabre.


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