Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 17, 2010

Give us this day…..

….our daily bread and milk.  The Austrians have it all over Americans in both departments.

It takes about three minutes to walk over to the bakery.  We bought a loaf of bread (still warm) and some amazing pastries that are probably terrible for you, but look and taste too good to resist.

We’d also brought along a pitcher from the house.  When David and Rachel were here, they told us about biking along the Danube, and how one especially hot day they saw what appeared to be a milk dispenser.  There was a stack of paper cups next to it, and they put in a euro, and cold, fresh milk came out, spilling over the cup.  They grabbed another and it filled that one too.  David found a similar machine in the village here.   And it’s even cheaper!  We can get about a pitcher’s worth for the equivalent of one dollar.  What I wouldn’t give to have the same option at home.

The past few days have been cold, foggy, and wet, but when we woke up this morning, the sun was out, the birds were singing, and I was very glad I’d thrown a load of laundry in the washing machine before going to bed last night.  We hung it out and put another load in immediately.

I’m sitting in the backyard watching it dry now.   Margaret and Elizabeth are figuring out how to get the umbrella next to the outside table up.  John and Tim are hiking–they’re trying to complete John’s Boy Scout hiking merit badge while we’re here.  This will require five ten-mile hikes and one twenty mile.  Austria is a hiker’s paradise so it will be a lot more convenient to do it here than in Tennessee.  When they get back, a few of the girls and I are going on a hike of our own.  It’s about 30 minutes to the bigger village, one that has three, larger grocery stores (the St. Martin grocery is extremely basic) and then we will take the bus back.  Margaret walked over with Tim the other day and assures me that we can buy five packs of Milka chocolate at any of the stores.  While the chocolate selection here is not quite as good as Switzerland’s, it’s still a treat and I regret to stay we’re indulging daily.



  1. I was wondering today what you all were doing! Especially since my body is still on your time zone ;D We are definitely missing the milk machine.

  2. I miss that milk dispenser. And that bakery.

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