Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 22, 2010

Mozart–salesman or composer?

It looks like he’s great at both occupations. His picture is on everything. Monday we went back to Salzburg to see the house where he was born and where his family lived for over twenty years. We had also planned to see a toy museum, but it was closed. We’ll have to try that another day.

You can buy Mozart chocolates in every conceivable arrangement. We bought one in a box shaped like a violin to give to the girls’ violin teacher. (You can see it there on the right.) She had an identical candy box that Elizabeth used as her dummy violin before she got her real one. It was just the right size. She put some wear on the box, so we thought Miss Catherine was probably due another one. I’m not sure about the chocolates, though. They seem to be pistachio, which doesn’t sound very appealing, but it certainly sells well.

It never occurred to me that a flash drive could be a thing of beauty, but this one certainly is. You do have to pay for the pleasure, however. It costs about $30.

Here is one of the rooms in Mozart’s house recreated to look as it might have during his lifetime. Katherine and John both really enjoyed this museum. The younger girls not as much, which was hardly surprising.

There were snippets from family letters all over the house. They were both funny and interesting. I didn’t realize that of seven Mozart children, only two lived to adulthood and both were musical geniuses. You have to wonder what the other five might have produced had they lived.

Mozart’s violin in the room where he was born. Katherine was in awe.


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