Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 24, 2010


The lady who takes care of the house told us that if the weather got warm enough, we needed to go “knieppacking.” I think that’s what she said. At any rate, you’re supposed to walk through these small canals of freezing cold mountain water, and it will have a curative effect for many different ailments. The sign tells you not to briskly dry your feet, only blot them. I think I managed to stay in for about thirty seconds. Katherine stuck her toe in and decided that was enough, but Margaret and Elizabeth are surely cured from any possible disease by now.





On the way home, we walked through this group of cows, who had just come home from their mountain pasture. They were cordial and let us pass.



  1. We will gladly send you some of the heat, or more likely the humidity. I miss the cloud capped Alps of Austria.

    • Well, it was winter earlier this week but it’s perfect weather now. You know how to get here.

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