Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 25, 2010

Hopping borders

John and Tim are pretty sore after their 20 mile hike yesterday, so they stayed home today, along with Margaret. Katherine, Elizabeth and I took the bus to Bad Reichenhall, a small city in a little pocket of Germany that’s along our bus route to Salzburg. There is no border crossing or document check–you can go freely across the border here. We took the trip down and back twice before we even knew we were driving through Germany for part of it.

We found the old section of the city and enjoyed the farmer’s market. Then we were about to pass city hall and saw that a small crowd was gathering, and sure enough, a minute or so later a newly married couple walked out!


I wish I could have gotten a picture of this little girl from the front. She was darling.

These people were watching the wedding party come out. I was surprised last Saturday to see the store with the Austrian costumes. Since then I’ve probably seen five more, as well as countless people actually wearing the clothes. I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere else in Europe. It’s common in the village to see men in lederhosen.

Elizabeth was quite taken with this dirndl.

Katherine was in shock over the sheer amount of Mozart goodies available. In this photo you can see probably 1/3 of what the store had to offer. It was crazy.

Fish and chips for lunch. Yum.

In the park. Photo credit to Katherine.

The main purpose for the trip was a visit to Aldi’s to stock up on groceries for the weekend. That went fine, except for a minor problem at the bottle return. Katherine didn’t quite get it right and we still aren’t clear whether you’re supposed to jam the bottles viciously into the machine or whether the woman was angry at the ignorant foreigner. We staggered out with our four bags (plus purse, backpack, and six year old) and went back to the bus station. Unfortunately, the 1:10 bus was also the school bus, which was jam packed. We had to stand for half an hour. But it was worth it. We finally found ground BEEF. It’s almost funny that we’ve probably seen a thousand cows on this trip and no beef in the stores. Almost the only meat you see in the grocery stores is pork of some kind, and yet we haven’t seen a single pig.



  1. I’ve always wanted to try fish and chips wrapped in a newspaper. Little did I know how close I was to experiencing it.

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