Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 27, 2010

A walk to the top of the world

This afternoon after church we took a hike up to an alpine meadow called Wildental. It was a wearing climb up the mountain but the view was so worth it.

Heading out of St. Martin.

No pictures of the steep road up to the top. And the pictures we took up there just don’t capture how stunningly beautiful it was. This was our first sight when we got up. About a dozen people were on the hill, raking up hay. Later, when we came through again, they were moving over to a new area and we could see their tools up close. They used large wooden rakes that looked ancient. They piled the hay on a sort of metal sled that they pushed down the hill and loaded onto a truck. Probably not much different than how it’s been done for years, only I doubt they shrink-wrapped the hay bales until fairly recently.

I’ll take this one, please.  (This comment is supposed to be under the house–no idea why those photos ended up smaller.

I’m not sure what this flower is. It looks like a columbine to me, but seemed too small to be one. This picture is about life sized.

We walked down on a path past a series of waterfalls, finally picked one, and played for awhile. The water is COLD! It felt wonderful on tired feet, though.

Elizabeth found a safe little pond and hopped around on the rocks. She said she was playing mountain goat.

On the bridge above the waterfall.


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