Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 28, 2010

I was glad when they said unto me…….

Ninety five percent of the people in this area are Roman Catholic. I do have to say too that the churches are not empty here. We are directly across the street from the Catholic church and for two Sundays now have watched people stream in, and some of them go to a nightly church service at seven, too. We peeked into the RC church in the larger neighboring town last week and it was full.

Tim had noticed a sign for a Protestant church in that town and we walked over (40 minutes, in the rain), but it turned out that several small churches share a pastor and it wasn’t Lofer’s turn to have a service. Fortunately, that turned out to be this week.

We assumed it was probably Lutheran, which did indeed turn out to be the case. There were seven people there, so our family essentially doubled the congregation. I was wondering what they would do for music and assumed we would sing acapella, but the pastor pulled out a recorder and played the hymns that way. He could see midway through the service that we were fairly clueless, and came over to ask where we were from. After that he made sure we knew which number in the hymn book to turn to. We recognized the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostle’s Creed, caught a few familiar verses, and that was about it–but it was good to be there anyway.


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