Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 28, 2010

River walk

After walking about ten miles total yesterday, we mostly stayed around the house today, although the older girls and I took the bus to the next town for groceries. We figured out late last week that there is one time of day where you can go to the bigger town and come back and hour later, just to that town, because of school lunches. This was a lovely discovery because prior to that we definitely had to walk at least one way (35 minutes) to the store or wait three to four hours for another bus.

But after dinner, we took a walk down along the river. The light was phenomenal. The color of the water is always pretty and a bit other-worldly. Tim says it’s due to glacier silt.

You can see John, Elizabeth, and Margaret in the lower left hand corner. We were up above them on a bridge.

Elvish, or so it seemed.

Tim took this. I love how he captured the light.



  1. That last picture is completely gorgeous!

  2. It is gorgeous….should be a postcard

  3. I’m so gonna cry when you leave this place and return home. Greatly enjoying your blog and gorgeous pics.

    • I’m so going to cry when I leave this place too. I hate to say it, but it’s much more beautiful than the pictures we’re managing to get.

      This is a bad length of time to go stay somewhere. It’s long enough that by now navigating daily life is easy and predictable. The hard part of traveling is over, and it’s just satisfying. But it’s not long enough to want to leave yet.

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