Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 30, 2010

The Fourth Plague

It’s probably a good thing that there’s a genuine fly in the ointment to life in Austria, or we might never go home. Despite phenomenal scenery, thier superiority in the chocolate sciences, and the widespread availability of clean, comfortable public transportation, these people need to discover window screens. Yes, it’s wonderful to throw open the windows, lean out, and enjoy the breezes and the views, but not when you then battle flies all day long and get bitten by other insects if you leave the windows or balcony doors open at night.

Some days are worse than others. I think that at one time or another, we’ve all had the half-crazed expression Margaret is wearing in this picture. Her record that day was fourteen. Mine (on the SAME day) was 29. And I know it’s not just a problem in this house. When we ate at one of the local restaurants with David and Rachel a few weeks ago, it was the same there. We noticed we were the only ones even bothering to try to keep the flies off our food.



  1. Oh my goodness……………..

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