Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 2, 2010

Sound of Music Tour, part 2

For whatever reason, the director chose to shoot Maria and Georg’s wedding not at the Abbey, where it actually took place, but at the basilica in Mondsee (which means Moon Lake). It’s about a 30 minute ride out of Salzburg. Just gorgeous countryside.

Here’s the outside of the deliciously lemony church.

And then the inside. I couldn’t decide whether it reminded me more of a wedding cake or a sea shell. Either way, a lovely pink.

Some of the decorative cherubs:

If you turn around from the front of the church, this is what you see.

The tour guide mentioned that the place with the pink umbrellas served hot apple strudel with ice cream and warm vanilla sauce. I walked past the restaurant once, and really did try to resist, but the kids weren’t with me so I didn’t have to set a good example. I told myself I wouldn’t eat all of it, but…….I did. Every bite. It was delicious. And that was lunch.

Then we drove back to Salzburg and the tour was over. Yes, it was a bit cheesy, but I’m glad I went anyway!

I had several hours free in Salzburg before the next bus. For about an hour, I followed an audio tour of Salzburg that I’d downloaded to my iPod before we left. I went through part of the Schloss Mirabel and saw the angel staircase, and the so-called “Murmuring Room” where couples get married here. The acoustics are fantastic and they hold concerts here in the evenings. That’s one thing I wish we could have done, but the bus schedule made it impossible. I guess that someday we’ll have to come back.



  1. Wow, looks amazing! I would go, cheesy or not. And of course you had to get the crisp apple strudel. I would have looked around for some schnitzel with noodle, too!

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