Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 4, 2010

Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest

The so-called “Eagle’s Nest” was Hitler’s 50th birthday present. It was supposed to be a last-stand bunker for him. To get there, we took a bus from Berchtesgaden, Germany to the hamlet at the base of the mountain. There we changed to another bus that took us almost to the top. We went through the entrance below, through a long tunnel, and then up an elevator that took us higher up. The building is now a restaurant.

Hitler didn’t come here more than a handful of times. He had a fear of heights, so he didn’t like it much. I’m glad he didn’t ruin the view with his presence too often, but I like the idea of him being afraid of something and regret he didn’t experience that more.

Here are Margaret and Elizabeth. It was a warm day down in the valley, almost hot, and they were quite happy to find the snow. Glad we packed our jackets, though.

Margaret looking down. So very beautiful. I think I would have to say that in all my travels, I’ve never seen a more beautiful place. There aren’t superlatives enough for it.

Thankfully, once we were out of the eerie tunnel and elevator area, I forgot all about Hitler.

A cross near the peak.

Tim using the telescope.

If you’ve ever wondered what the very top of a snow-capped mountain looks like, here you go.

Here is what we saw through the bus window going down. Just perfect.



  1. extremely beautiful…………

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