Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 4, 2010

The Salt Mines

We’ve left St. Martin and are in Munich now. The hotel has a decent internet connection, so I’m trying to add some of the entries I missed due to busy days or bad connection on the balcony.

I think pretty much anyone who comes to the Salzburg area with kids tours one of the many salt mines. Salzburg=salt mountain. It seems fairly obvious, but I didn’t make the connection before we came.

We chose to go to the mine in Berchtesgaden, Germany, so we could combine it with a trip to Hitler’s Eagles nest. I’ll add pictures of that later.

They make you put on the very attractive suits you see below before the tour. Not only do they protect your clothes, but they added an extra layer. It’s cold down under the mountain!

We started by climbing aboard this little train for the first part of the descent. Excuse the bad picture of a bad picture. They don’t let you do your own photography; I’m sure they make a killing by selling pictures. But it could have been potentially fatal for a camera anyhow, as you’ll see in a minute.

Twice we had to go down long, very fast wooden slides. I’m not a roller coaster fan so it was definitely one of those things I just had to let go and do. I managed not to scream on the second one. They used a powerful flash here, because in reality it was very dark. Not being able to see the bottom added to the terror. The kids loved it, as you can imagine.


We learned all about how salt is mined, and took a short boat ride over an underground lake. It was crystal-clear and almost breathtakingly beautiful. They had sort of a light show going during part of it. Tim was impressed by the special effects.

We wondered how we’d get back up, and our transportation turned out to be a cog railway. This tour was a definite kid-pleaser and Tim and I enjoyed it as well.



  1. Wow…what an experience……..very educational…

  2. I don’t know how I missed this post. I’m showing your pictures to Sarah now and you provided the most wonderful memory of spending my sister’s birthday on the salt mine tour. Those slides were crazy. I’ll never forget it! They didn’t take pictures back then or I’d have one!

    • We never buy pictures in situations like that (feels like extortion and probably is!) but the tour was really a lot of fun and very unique, so this time, we did.

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