Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 6, 2010

A great night to be in Germany

We arrived in Munich shortly before the Germany/Argentina World Cup game started. Believe me, being in front of a television was completely unnecessary in order to know how the Germans were faring, which, of course, was very well indeed. Wherever we happened to be, whenever Germany scored, a roar went up. It was the perfect night to be here and we enjoyed celebrating with them.

We came up into the Marienplaz, the main square in Munich, to a crazy world full of deliriously happy Germans.

Practically everybody was wearing some sort of German pride item, and our kids wanted to fit in. Fortunately, we found a store selling a “German Fan” pack cheap. John is not pictured here, because he (I’m whispering now) is rooting for the Netherlands.

David and Rachel, what do you think of this garden gnome?

I think this picture is hilarious. Elizabeth has totally got the European thing down. She’s wearing a silk scarf, has a water bottle by her feet, and occupying herself productively while waiting for Daddy to finish Skyping naughty American Express, who shut down his card because they thought it might have been stolen. Getting that resolved was a bit of a hassle, but accomplished on the second try.

Trying out the iPad at the Apple store.


I love the antique stores. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough room in the luggage.

Heading back to the train station at the Marienplaz.

Turned around and saw this, glowing in the setting sun.


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