Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 6, 2010

Leaving St. Martin

Saturday we had to leave. We hardly bought anything (except chocolate), so I don’t know why it was so difficult to get the suitcases to close when we had extra room to begin with. But with a lot of help from John and Katherine, we got everything zipped up and ready to go. But I think all of us hated to leave this special place.

A few days, maybe a week, and the whole front of the yard by the gate would have been blooming with phlox. I bet it will be so pretty. I wish I could be there to see it.

We pulled the suitcases back down the main street, past the little grocery store in the bottom of the Kaufhaus Millinger. “Nah and Firsch,” we’ll miss you!

We were discussing at dinner the last night (which we ate at the restaurant in the left of this picture) why the alpine countries are so much fun. Tim pointed out that one of the reasons is that in the small, isolated communities like this, crime is so low and it’s just so safe that the kids can run all over town and you don’t think twice about it. Margaret loved to walk down to the bakery every day and buy bread (and sometimes pastries). It was no problem to send her and Elizabeth to go get milk at the dairy. Anybody who wanted to could walk half a block down to the grocery to pick up a needed item. They just don’t have near this kind of freedom at home and I’m glad they’ve had the opportunity to visit Mayberry twice in their lives, at least.

Elizabeth and John at the bus stop.

And at the train station in Salzburg, getting on the train to Munich.

When we got to Munich, Tim and John took a couple of bags and set off to find the hotel before coming back to get the rest of us. We waited in the train station entrance. Poor Elizabeth was tired. I’m reading to her using  my iPhone. We’ve almost completed Heidi that way. A free app called “Children’s Classics.” Highly recommend!

I read Heidi to the older kids during our Swiss trip four years ago. Special memories.

We won’t be able to get away with this much longer, but Elizabeth loves her chair bed! Hurrah for soft pouffy eiderdowns that make a great mattress (even if they’re too hot for me……).



  1. Elizabeth’s chair bed is so much nicer than the sleeping bag in a tub I was sometimes relegated to on family travels.

  2. You were the oldest–shouldn’t Megan have got the tub?

  3. Wow!!! Thank you for a glimpse of your memorable trip to Austria…It’s absolutely beautiful……..the children are growing ever so much!

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