Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 6, 2010

Salzburg fortress trip, part two

The ceilings in the living quarters were stunning!

People still live up in apartments in the fortress. Supposedly they are rented out to artists.

John was intrigued by the armor. There was a room full of it. He took this picture.

And here is Salzburg, spread out below.

We went back inside the main courtyard area and John and Margaret played a rousing game of ring the horn on the unicorn before we left. We would have stayed up there longer, but the day was blazing hot, and so bright we could barely see out in the open.

Back down to the Mirabel Garden. That was one place we went every time we went into the city. A convenient place to wait for the bus, play, dabble in the fountains, enjoy the beautiful flowers, and in this case, escape the heat and sun. The beautiful ivy-covered tunnel is perfect for that.

My favorite Mirabel story happened to Katherine on a different visit. She was sitting on a bench in the shade while I took the younger girls to the statue garden. While we were gone, an elderly lady came up to her and started speaking in German. She got the picture quickly that Katherine had no idea what she was saying, so she said, “You speak English?” When Katherine nodded, the lady said, “This WHOLE bench, just for you?” Katherine explained that her mother and sisters would be back and the lady shook her head and replied, “I am old.” She pushed Katherine’s back pack down toward her and just sat down. Once she did she gave the back pack another shove to give herself more space.

This was the last day the kids went down to Salzburg. Katherine loved the city so much she says she wants to live there someday. That works for me (at least for awhile), because then I’d have a place to stay myself for visits. I loved it, too.


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