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Monday we had planned to go to see Mad Louie’s Neuschwanstein castle, the one that Disney patterned their castle after. Somehow it seemed like too much work and so we ditched that plan and went to Oberammergau instead. That’s the village that performs the Passion Play every ten years. This is actually a play year, but we weren’t intending to go see the play, just the village. Here’s a really interesting article about the village and the play–it seems that the current director is wanting to shake things up and change it from the medieval production it’s always been to something more modern and questioning. Lots of pictures included, too.,1518,694970,00.html

Going to Oberammergau turned out to be the right choice. We had about ten minutes of sun after arriving, and then it started to pour. If we’d been out in the countryside at Neuschwanstein, it would have been really miserable.

Oberammergau is BIG into wood carving. Here are the girls outside one of the many woodcarving shops.

Church in the background…….

Many if not most of the houses had paintings of some kind on the outside. Historical scenes, Biblical scenes, fairy tale scenes. That is a school building in front of Katherine and Tim.

The Bremen town musicians. Notice the rain coming down……

This next set was my favorite. Little Red Riding Hood.

So cute–these four Yorkies were like wet ducks in a row. Outside the dog store, no less.

These roses were phenomenal. Many variations on the same bush, from apricot to pink. The owner was outside caring for her garden in the rain. She saw me trying to take a picture and smiled. I used the little German I still remember and told her they were beautiful. She smiled again and agreed.

I’m a sucker for hollyhocks.

The church cemetery. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of carving work to be seen here.

Lots of carving in the church, too.

It was not a museum. There were children’s posters right next to Baroque carvings. I liked that.

I’d read that the mayor issues a decree on Ash Wednesday of the year before the play banning anyone taking part from cutting their hair (for the next year and a half) so that they will look properly Biblical. Sure enough, every child in the pictures at the church, boy or girl, had long hair. Many of the villagers we saw around town did too.

What does one do when it’s pouring cats but take refuge in a restaurant and have apple streudel? The kids had been envious of my experience in Mondsee. When it arrived, Katherine said, “It smells like Christmas!” And it did.

The front of this house showed the birth of Jesus. The paintings were supposed to be from Luke.



  1. Unbelievably gorgeous! I’ve seen pictures before, but it’s neat to see pictures taken by someone I know.

  2. Wow, very artistic…beautiful flowers…amazing…

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