Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 9, 2012


Several new experiences today:
*Biking to church
*Biking to church in a skirt (a real challenge, let me tell you) *Biking home from church in a skirt, in the wind and rain.

We’ve never been in a generally Protestant area in Europe on a Sunday before. Several years ago we went to a Lutheran service in Austria. Our family doubled the congregation, and the pastor regretfully told us there just weren’t very many Protestants in the area.

I didn’t know what to expect this morning but was surprised and pleased to find that the small Reformed chapel in Oldmarkt, which probably seats 80, had about 65 people in attendance. The chapel got out a few minutes before the larger Reformed church you see in this picture, and based on the number of bikes (and cars) parked all around that building, it too must have been fairly full.

I don’t have much idea what went on in the service except that the pastor spoke from Mark 6, which he referred to often; the OT reading was from Ezekiel, and they prayed the Lord’s Prayer. The congregational singing, accompanied by a small pipe organ, was enthusiastic and they sang four hymns and three Psalms. (I recognized Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word). They sang with a little bit of a different cadence than we do at home–almost a delay. Beautiful, and well worth the wind, rain, and fighting with the skirt.



  1. LOVING you travel log! ❤

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