Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 12, 2012

The dangers of eating in Dutch

These dinner starters–full of yummy looking fresh vegetables and a spice packet–are on sale at the local grocery store. Looks like sweet chili peppers with parsley and red pepper, right? Well, it was all that and more.

If your Dutch is poor to nonexistent you can’t read fine print, and you miss the warning where it tells you that this is extra, EXTRA hot and you’re risking potential blindness and possibly even apoplexy from the potency of the chili sauce contained within. Tim cheerfully eats jalapeños for fun and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him fazed by spicy food, but he was truly rendered speechless during this meal after accidentally touching his face with a hand that must have touched the chili sauce.

Through her own unfortunate experience, Katherine was able to pinpoint which pepper piece was the biggest offender and the rest of us remained unscathed during our dinner roulette. But I don’t think we’ll be buying these again, sale or no sale.



  1. I feel your pain, Anne! Foreign eating with no translator or translation can ALWAYS be an adventure. Glad you all are having a good time, except for a little unexpected heat wave! 🙂

  2. Dutch food with spice. Who’d have thought?!

  3. Reading the Dutch packaging brings back childhood memories. I have next to no Dutch skills either but I can somehow hear my Oma speaking to me whenever I read Dutch.

  4. I’m sure you already know to watch out for the Dutch version of “Chinese” food (= Indonesian). Don’t feed your kids spoonfuls of sambal!

  5. Ahum! Of course you really should have brought a translator with you… (I wonder who that could be…)

  6. Oh no…..

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