Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 17, 2012

Comments, and more rain

A number of you have commented–thank you! I can see and enjoy comments since they’re sent to me by email, but I can’t reply in the comment section because almost invariably, if I have wifi, I’m getting it standing next to the Coke machine outside the grocery store, and it’s just not the venue for a typing session. Though I do blog posts offline, I have to write them on my phone, and since I’m somewhat texting challenged they’re mostly pretty short of necessity.

I wanted to pass along a comment from Carol, a friend of ours who spent 13 years in the Netherlands, so I hooked up Tim’s wireless keyboard to the tablet in order to type something longer than I typically can manage on the phone. Carol commented on the extreme biking post, where I complained about biking into the wind on the way home from the grocery store. Here’s what she said:

"I used to have to bike to high school about 45 minutes one way in all kinds of weather. Regardless of how nice that weather was, we had to bike so fast to make it on time that you would always arrive with at least some sweat on your back. If it rained hard, you weren’t always sure if you should put your rain gear on or not. EIther way you would get soaked, either from the rain or the sweat from wearing the rain suit. BIking through bitter cold with sleeting rain biting into your cheeks isn’t such a great feeling either. So that’s maybe ONE thing I’m not homesick for."

All I can say to that is WOW. If I’d read it prior to battling the wind myself, I would have been a little impressed, but now having experienced it, I’m not just impressed but amazed. The whole family did a long bike ride today. On the way over, the weather was pleasant and sunny, but it was still hard during the stretches we had to bike into the wind. On the way back, the sun disappeared, it began to rain, and we had really long stretches where the biking was miserable. The kids just did what had to be done and didn’t complain, but I’m trying to picture them biking 45 minutes morning and afternoon, every schoolday, in cold and sleet…and the picture starts to break down. American kids have a soft and easy life. Probably ridiculously so.

The rain didn’t clear up as it usually has in the evening, and it’s coming down hard. I would venture to guess that there will probably be more character-building riding required tomorrow.


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