Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 19, 2012

Camping in style

Tim pointed out this campsite to me. How many Americans would go to the trouble of creating an entire garden next to their camper? The one across from it had just as many pots. Beauty on the go.



  1. Judging from the shed and elaborate porch on this one and the one across the street, I’m going to suggest that this is a “permanent” camp site. At Sandy Pines, where we have a family site, this is how it started, and several still use large campers/RVs though most have upgraded to small mobile homes. Several other campgrounds (“resorts”) are like this. You buy the site, pay a fee for the park maintenance/amenities, and leave your camper/trailer there until you decide to sell, which may or may not include the building(s)/campers. Everything has to be “temporary” or reversible in nature to avoid property tax (such as their wooden patio blocks and tarp-sided shed). At Sandy Pines, there are a lot of elaborate landscapes and gorgeous gardens, particularly for those sites owned by snowbirds who live there all summer. Saves you the hassle of packing up, traveling, unpacking, and repacking to return each weekend; eliminates the need to store the camper somewhere off-season; and is cheaper (by far) than purchasing/maintaining a cottage.

  2. You’re probably right. I’m just camping clueless, here or at home!

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