Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | July 22, 2012

Antique stores are my friends

Tim should know better than to cheerfully agree to let me go in an antique store alone. The last time I did that, in Ossenzijl, I disappeared for forty five minutes, talking to the Grand Rapids native. This time I was just so staggered by the place I couldn’t hurry through, even with Elizabeth in tow. It was amazing, a treasure-trove of really beautiful and old items. It was better than a museum.

I couldn’t understand what the shopkeeper said, but she seemed to indicate that it pretty much went on and on behind the main store, and that was certainly accurate. The rooms were a complete jumble of fascinating collections of items. The prices were reasonable and only the fact that we’d barely managed to zip the suitcases shut kept me from a spending spree.

When we got back to the main room of the store, the woman spoke to Elizabeth and I explained we didn’t speak Dutch. She switched to English and asked where we were from. When I told her we were from the US, she asked if we’d been to the American Pilgrim museum, which was just around the corner. I explained that we’d just been by, but had been disappointed to find it was about to close. She said, “Oh, you’re from the US, you really should see it. I’ll open up one of the rooms so you can get a quick peek at least.” She owned the building!


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