Posted by: ourtravelingcircus | June 13, 2015

Ferry Fun, or Who Needs a Dollywood Pass?

Elizabeth and I are once more aboard the ferry for our nightly ritual: crossing Lake Maggiore, and then crossing it again. I thought I would give you a little tour of our favorite ferry, the Sempione. It’s the biggest of the three that go back and forth between the town of Intra, where we’re staying, and the village of Loveno across the lake. This connection is one of the few places or maybe the only one on Lake Maggiore where you can also take your car along for the ride. We have no car but still enjoy the extra space on “our” ferries since the boats between the other towns are smaller.

OK, so we’re walking on. The friendly men and women who work at the docks check our tickets or passes. On hot or nice days we sit outside and enjoy the breeze and splendid view. But today it’s rainy and those seats are wet, so we head up to the enclosed third deck, which has seating and a snack bar. We settle in for a twenty minute ride. Twenty peaceful minutes there and twenty peaceful minutes back affords a nice chunk of time to read, write, chat, or reflect on the day. There’s nothing else you feel obligated to do. Nothing else you can do. We could all use an evening ferry in our lives, and not just on vacation.







  1. That sounds like a wonderful nightly ritual. I agree, we need a ferry (oops almost wrote fairy) in our day.

  2. I am so enjoying these posts! Thanks for sharing your adventures so beautifully 🙌

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